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Command and Control

Enabling joint multi-domain operations

Marshall Land Systems develops and installs complex deployable command and control (C2) container systems in a range of designs. They can be used as forward command posts, communication and information (CIS) centres, electronics centres or central command and stations.

The Marshall C2 containers provide a modular and flexible system enabling rapid deployment and relocation, multi-domain intelligence and data recovery. Deployable C2 is available in a range of configurations to meet a diverse set of mission requirements, from fully configured staff working environments, back-rack computers and the latest screen monitors alongside climatic, EMC, CBRN and ballistic protection.

Requiring minimal personnel for rapid set-up time and deployable in all terrains, Deployable C2 has the option of vehicle mounting for immediate operation, which enables true adaptability in the field.

Mobile Command and Control C2

Multi-Domain Operations, coupled with the ability to display multiple classifications is radically changing the landscape of national and international defence. Asymmetrical threats, contested battlespaces, and rapidly-evolving mission requirements make information acquisition and analysis a key weapon for the modern warfighter.

We can also incorporate ergonomic cable infrastructures to support a simple, easily deployable unified communication solution, as well as commercial off-the-shelf communications infrastructure solutions ready to support existing Command and Control (C2) systems, and proven in-service military Field Electrical Power Distribution Systems (FEPDS).

Marshall Land Systems recently partnered with Thinklogical, a Belden brand to offer a deployable command and control solution.

Deployable Command and Control (C2) brochure

The Marshall and Thinklogical Deployable Command & Control (C2) containerised solution provides a modular and flexible system enabling rapid mobility, multi-domain intelligence and data recovery.

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Deployable Command and Control (C2) brochure

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