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Uncrewed air vehicles (UAVs) equipped with appropriate payloads, communication systems and data links are seeing increasing tactical relevance in roles related to bolstering intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, leading to faster threat identification and more decisive action.

This requires a multitude of complex land-based communications and control systems, that need to be highly mobile and secure.

Battlespace Deployable Uncrewed Aerial System (BDUAS)

Marshall Land Systems and UMS Skeldar have partnered to offer a highly mobile, multi-purpose Battlespace Deployable Uncrewed Aerial System (BDUAS) to provide end-users with enhanced reconnaissance capabilities.

The unique BDUAS is highly ruggedised to withstand harsh environments and provides fast deployment and relocation to minimise any logistical footprint. This end-to-end, turnkey solution has multiple capabilities in only one container, such as uncrewed aircraft (UA) transport and storage, a heavy duty maintenance and repair workshop and a Remote Piloting Station (RPS) for two operators.

Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS)

UMS Skeldar is a joint venture between Saab AB, which is and has been the main supplier for aircraft and defence systems to the Swedish armed forces and other countries for more than 85 years, and UMS Aero Group AG, a Swiss investor company with strategy to invest in and develop medium sized high-tech companies.

The Multi-Purpose Container

  • Provides a large, versatile workspace for users
  • Rapid deployment
  • Full environmental control
  • Designed to accommodate personnel and equipment systems
  • Full system human factors and safety assessment
  • Air transportable by C-130 Hercules and larger transport aircraft
  • Compatible with DROPS, PLS and all in service NATO Hook Lift Systems
The Multi-Purpose Container

Transport and Storage

  • Ruggedised fully integrated UAS solution
  • The containers are transportable by road, rail, sea and air
  • UAV is stored in the central compartment when the container is stowed for transport and when deployed
Transport and Storage

Remote Pilot Station

The Remote Pilot Station (RPS) is built as a scalable system that enables single or multiple operator configurations in accordance with operational needs. STANAG 4586 design and the separation of flight and mission critical commands and information ensures the integrity of data.

Repair Workshop

These are commonly deployed to support armed forces engineers and can be installed with lathes, milling machines, pillar drills, grinders, work benches, de-greasing sinks and a variety of tool storage options. The well-being of our customers is crucial, so our workshop containers all offer air conditioning and fume ventilation for a healthy, safe work environment. The repair workshop is operational when the container is mounted on a support vehicle.

Applications - Many Missions

Numerous payload combinations enable the SKELDAR V-200 to be used for a wide range of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), maritime and overland missions.

  • Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Long Range Search and Rescue
  • Over land ISR and border patrol ELINT and EWS operations
  • Specialist over-land and over sea operations


Marshall and UMS Skeldar can offer their Managed Support Services to ensure the container and sub-systems are fully maintained and repaired, along with fully integrated logistical support and engineering consultancy.

Technical Information

We produce manuals that are tailored to meet your needs, from traditional text booklets to fully interactive electronic manuals. We ensure that these assets conform to required military or commercial standards, and available in multiple languages.

Training Support

The Training Team provide guidance, support and upskilling for our customers around the globe in accordance with JSP822 (Defence Standard Approach to Training). Our approach to training embeds crucial skills quickly within end users, operators and maintainers, damage repair engineers and those working on extremely specialist equipment.

We conduct theory training within a classroom environment, hands on and practical training in the field if required, and remote training if needed. The full scope of the training requirement is defi ned by identified resourcing issues, policies, constraints, risks and assumptions.

Battlespace Deployable Uncrewed Aerial System brochure

Marshall Land Systems and UMS Skeldar have partnered to offer a highly mobile, multi-purpose Battlespace Deployable Uncrewed Aerial System (BDUAS) to provide end-users with enhanced reconnaissance capabilities.

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Battlespace Deployable Uncrewed Aerial System brochure

Watchkeeper Programme

The Watchkeeper is a dual sensor and all-weather unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that provides real time aerial reconnaissance to enable increased situational awareness for ground-based forces.

As part of the Watchkeeper Programme, Marshall provided various containerised Ground Control Stations and UAS storage.

Ground Control Stations

The 20ft ground control station (GCS) supplied by Marshall can be transported by standard DROPS trucks. The Watchkeeper UAV is connected by satellite datalink to a network of these containerised ground control stations, where the imagery is analysed and disseminated.

The UAV Ground Control Station is connected with ground elements that feed the relative and absolute location co-ordinates of the UAV to the GCS. The UAVs are connected to GCS via satellite datalinks.

The satellite datalinks then assist the UAV based on the co-ordinates received for safe take-off and landing. This helps for automated take off and landing of the UAV in normal as well as adverse conditions like lower visibility and GPS cut-off.

UAS Storage Container

Our UAS Storage Container is designed to hold and store the disassembled air vehicle and can hold two per container. The modularity of the UAS and the design of the storage meant that the vehicles could be deployed and stored rapidly for immediate deployment in operations.

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