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Operational Infrastructure

Operational Infrastructure

We design, develop, manufacture, test and support operational infrastructure to provide rapid deployments of military, humanitarian and civilian operations worldwide. Our products are made to comply with standards in the most highly regulated markets, and support operations in the most extreme environments.

Our standardised containers are highly mobile and modular, offering flexible and rapid reconfiguration for deployment in extreme conditions, including environments with temperatures ranging from -32C to +49C as a baseline, with options available to extend to -51C to +55C if required.

It all starts with the base Marshall container, manufactured to the highest of specification to ensure maximum longevity, low maintenance and, most importantly, vital protection for people and assets. Our base containers are available as 10ft, 20ft or expandable.

C rail
A C rail is a means of fitting equipment to the container floor, walls, and ceiling. It provides the user with complete flexibility to change installed equipment type and configuration throughout the life of the container unit.

Door & escape hatch
Container doors and escape hatches are manufactured by Marshall to exactly the same insulated sandwich panel specification as the container walls, roof and floor. Door and hatch design is a proven standard incorporating weather seals, EMI screening gasket (if required), and internal lock release which allows exit from the container when a padlock is fitted on the exterior.

Environment control
Every Marshall container can be fitted with a range of environmental control systems, making it possible to maintain the internal workspace environment of the container at precise levels of temperature and humidity.

Power input & distribution
Mains power into the container may be supplied from a fixed facility supply or a mobile generator.

Marshall provides full electrical system design and installation to ensure that the power demanded by the operator is reliably available when required.

Embracing the latest SMART developments and technologies:

  • Power generation including hybrid, electric and solar
  • SMART microgrids coupled with a range of generators
  • Developments in energy storage technology
  • Sustainable fuels

In addition to “power in”, we also install the internal power distribution and supply to customer equipment. Standard electrical conduits provide flexibility to locate main and domestic outlets in positions around the container as needed.

We address further customer requirements by configuring the containers into one or more of our modularised variants.

Operational Infrastructure brochure

Based in the UK, Canada and Netherlands, Marshall Land Systems specialises in the design and production of industryleading
operational infrastructure and mission systems, providing critical infrastructure that supports humanitarian,
defence and security operations across the globe for over 75 years.

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