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CBRN Systems

CBRN Systems

Fast, reliable detection of CBRN materials and other toxic substances, even in difficult conditions and adverse environments, is a life-or-death capability requirement. If military, government and civilian organisations are to mitigate the risk posed by CBRN materials, real-time hazard awareness and analysis is imperative before, during and after an incident. This includes CBRN hazard detection, protection from the associated dangers, collective protection (COLPRO), CBRN decontamination and post-incident contaminant removal.

Marshall works with some of the world’s leading suppliers of CBRN equipment to provide a fully integrated mobile solution, which can be fitted into our deployable expandable shelters or onto vehicles.

Multi-purpose Decontamination System

The Multi-Purpose Decontamination system can be used to quickly and effectively decontaminate equipment and vehicles. We also offer a complete training package and support to transfer between forces.

  • Self-powered and fully portable system
  • Provides water and steam heating and delivery facilities for pressure-jet and steam cleaning of equipment and (when used with transportable shower unit)
  • General washing of personnel
  • Flat rack mounted solution for ease of deployment in any environment
  • Equipment support provided to the user
Marshall Land Systems Deployable Solutions Operational Infrastructure CBRN Systems

Personnel Decontamination System

The Personnel Decontamination System for chemical and biological decontamination. It is a solution based on a compartmentalised 20ft ISO container.

The decontamination system consists of three sections as follows:

  • Undressing area as you enter the container
  • Showering area
  • Dressing and exit area
Marshall Land Systems Deployable Solutions Operational Infrastructure CBRN Systems

This system can be clutched to tented or containerised systems.

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