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Containerised CT Scanning

Containerised CT Scanning

Marshall and Philips have worked together within an exclusive collaborative agreement for over 12 years. This relationship has enabled the most advanced imaging technology to military operational medicine and other similarly demanding environments.

Over £1M has been invested by Marshall for research and development to provide CT Scanning in a mobile containerised configuration. Our patented, ruggedized containerised system brings mobility, flexibility and a modular approach.

In its standard “non expanded form, it is suitable for all forms of military and civilian transport, including by aircraft.

Since 2009, Marshall has seen great success in delivering the CCTS to a variety of NATO countries. This has led to continuous improvement and the development of the Next Generation CT Scanner.

Next Generation CT Scanner

Incorporating the latest technologies in a patented world-leading deployable system developed with Philips Healthcare to unique tolerances in terms of vibration and cooling, our Next Generation CT Scanner takes just 8 hours to set up.

The layout of the deployable CT Scanner has been designed to provide a ruggedised solution with patented shock and vibration mounting to withstand all modes of transportation. It can be rapid deployed in both field and disaster relief conditions. The design is compliant with health care design and ergonomic standards for ease of operation and optimum patient throughput, with the addition of approved radiological screening to protect patient and staff.

Building on 12 years’ experience providing Field Deployable CT Scanner Systems to armed forces around the world, the Next Generation CT Scanner houses the latest and most advanced Philips Incisive CT technology inside Marshall’s award-winning 20 foot upgraded ISO expanding container, to ensure humanitarian, defence and security forces have easy access to life saving capabilities wherever they are needed.

Giving military surgeons CT imagery on deployed operations to diagnose trauma quickly and accurately for severely injured patients helps to save more lives than ever before.

Next Generation CT Scanner brochure

The NGCT is a brand new approach to delivering the latest and most sophisticated CT technology to the battlefield. Using over a decade of experience supporting a number of military organisations, we have refined the design of our award winning expandable container to meet the complex requirements of an ever-changing operational landscape.

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