Managed Support Services - the way for the future

Managed Support Services - the way for the future

The expectations of our customers are constantly changing and over recent years the rate of change has accelerated. To make sure that we are keeping pace, we are evolving and improving the way we do things. Working alongside key customers, we have refined and improved the services we offer to keep our customers operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Creating our Managed Support Services Team represents much more than just a name change. Managed Support Service packages work in a similar way to when leasing a car. For example, you might want a basic package which covers parts and labour for a fixed period, or extend to a comprehensive arrangement that could even include insurance and petrol!

The team’s core support packages are:

  • Protect - this provides customers with a reactive approach to in-service support following delivery of the production contract. The customer assumes all responsibility and risks associated with sustainment of the equipment
  • Protect Plus - builds on Protect and is enhanced by a core level of service provision where Marshall has responsibility to conduct continual delivery of agreed functions. It can also include Marshall providing Field Service Engineers
  • Protect Premium - a transformed managed service which transfers the performance and risk from the customer to Marshall, with Marshall being accountable for performance based contracting for service delivery

Each offer is based on the Managed Support Service Cube, which breaks down levels of responsibility in the three key customer perspectives of: Product, Performance and Process.

By working alongside our customer to establish core requirements, we can offer a solution, tailored to your needs, with a plan in place to deliver for an agreed period of time.

Constantly learning and developing as we progress and providing a pre-cradle to beyond the grave service, we monitor performance and customer satisfaction closely throughout each contract, responding to evolving needs as scopes develop and the unpredictable occurs. In time, when assets are deemed no longer fit for their intended purpose, as part of our continuous drive for efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness, we offer update, upgrade and disposal options.

Our Managed Support Service concept is growing quickly based on collaborative and innovative support arrangements and, of course, excellent service. Feedback so far suggests we are on the right route.