World Humanitarian Day- 19th August

World Humanitarian Day- 19th August

Marshall Land Systems aids the French Military Medical services by supplying them with CT scanners.

In 2020, the French Navy deployed one if its amphibious ships, the FS Tonnerre, to Lebanon, to support casualties from the deadly explosion in Beirut. The ship had an onboard hospital including a CT scanner supplied by Marshall Land Systems that was used to provide life-saving diagnostic care to injured civilians. The impressive on-board hospital had the capacity to provide aid to more than 1,500 peopled wounded by the blast.

In the same year, the FS Tonnerre also helped extract COVID-19 patients from Corsica and brought them to Marseille, France. Again, The Marshall Land Systems supplied CT scanner was installed in the hospital onboard the ship. This operation alleviated some of the significant pressure put on local hospitals as COVID cases continued to rise.

Marshall Land Systems has supplied a total of seven CT scanners to the French Military medical services including two additional systems in 2022 with specific modifications making them suited for use onboard ships.

When asked to reflect on the project, Sales Executive, John Abbott said:

“Everyone at Marshall Land Systems was privileged to have the opportunity to work on this project with the French Military. Being able to support the humanitarian efforts throughout the COVID pandemic as well as the devastating explosion in Beirut was a great honour.”

Marshall is proud to support critical humanitarian missions across the globe and will continue to go above and beyond to deliver life-saving technologies to our customers at their point of need.