Managed Support Services

Managed Support Services

Managed Support Services for Land Systems

Marshall offers the full spectrum of Managed Support Services to optimise availability and reduce through-life support costs. We can provide in-depth systems engineering support, comprehensive through life capability management and agile operational support.

This support includes a full range of post design services, configuration control, safety cases, asset and whole fleet management, spares, obsolescence, repairs and maintenance, training and mid-life upgrades with a suite of service level options including contracting for availability. We can provide services for Marshall manufactured products or OEM equipment.

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The list below covers the range of tailorable and scalable solutions we offer:

Support Solution Design & Delivery

  • Project Management
  • Whole Life Costs
  • Through Life Management
  • Performance Management
  • Supportability Case
  • Configuration Management
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Quality Management

Field Support & Service Engineering

  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • Recovery
  • Contractors on Deployed Ops

Supply Support

  • Procurement Planning
  • NATO Codification
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation
  • Repair & Overhaul
  • Support & Test Equipment
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Disposal

Availability & Capability Management

  • 24/7/365 Support Hub
  • Sustainability
  • Management Information System
  • Engineering Asset Management
  • Reliability & Maintainability
  • Integrated Logistic Support / Support Authority
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Human Factors
  • Maintenance Task Analysis

Training Services

  • Training Requirements
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Courseware
  • Training Equipment
  • Training Delivery

Technical Information

  • Technical Publication
  • Technical Manual
  • Interactive Electronic
  • Notices
  • Pamphlets

Multi Equipment under a single support contract (Amphora)

One constant challenge for customers is to reduce their cost of ownership of equipment support and this is particularly difficult to achieve across equipment that has been procured separately and originates from different OEMs. To achieve greater efficiencies and simpler through life management, the UK MoD identified the need to bring together a range of deployable systems under one support contract – the need was to make efficiencies in MoD manpower while improving contract performance, availability and reduced support costs. The drive was to drive efficiencies in manpower, time and cost.

Marshall and G3 Systems Ltd came together in 2014 as Team M3 to combine capabilities to compete for and win a contract called AMPHORA.

Together the two companies worked tirelessly to deliver full operational capability ahead of the target date and the contract continues to provide manpower, cost and time savings in comparison with legacy years.

The contract also provides a flexible, attractive contracting vehicle for optimising the support of new systems as they are procured – this has been the experience of the AMPHORA contract where the contract scope has increased, while coming under the continuous improvement performance ethos. Suite of contracting options including contracting for availability.

With the wealth of design/engineering/manufacturing skills, coupled with an established supply chain management team, We are well positioned to provide a ‘one stop’, through-life support capability to the customer.

Indicative equipment / systems supported through the single support contract include:

  • Armoured Vehicle Power Pack Repair Facility
  • Deployable Machine Shop
  • Portable Tyre Repair Facilities
  • Combined Instrument Repair Facilities
  • Deployable Engineering Workshop
  • Deployable Battery Charging Unit
  • Special Avionics Instrument Network System and Base Unit Repair Installation
  • Seafox Torpedo Armament Containers
  • Dive Store Equipment container
  • Containerised Computer Tomography Scanner
  • Bulk Medical Storage Facility
  • Transport Container Operational Portable Office & variants
  • Tactical Reconnaissance & Deployable Imagery Systems
  • Airseeker Shelters

Workshop in-service support

We are contracted to support:

  • Deployable Machine Shop
  • Power Pack Repair Systems
  • Deployable Engineering Workshop

Airfield Support Equipment

We have both air and land pedigree and is well placed to support the breadth of airfield-related ground support equipment.

Marshall has demonstrated the capability to deliver a through-life deep maintenance, spares and support contract, maintaining the Rotary Hydraulic Arrestor Gear, the Portable Aircraft Arrestor Gear and the Barrier Arrestor Net system deployed on operational airfields. This is a multi-year contract that has to provide availability of the arrestor gear capability whenever there is active flying, while taking opportunities to deliver deep maintenance at various flying stations either at weekends or during prolonged no-fly periods.

A further challenge that we deliver is to support ageing equipment including addressing unsurprising obsolescence issues.

Training Services

Our products offer comprehensive, tried and tested end-to-end training services. Tailored to distinct customer needs, we will undertake a full definition of Training Requirements, Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Training Design (including courseware and training equipment) and Training Delivery for any tasks specified using the Marshall Training Quality Manual to provide Training Assurance to the Customer.

The full scope of the Training Requirement is defined including that of the Training Needs Analysis with identified resourcing issues, policies, constraints, risks and assumptions. The Scoping Exercise Report provides confirmation to the Customer that the requirement has been fully understood. Role analysis, training gap analysis and training objectives will also be delivered.

Training design in accordance with the TNA delivers learning objectives, a Formal Training Statement, an Assessment Strategy, methods and media development and learning specifications.

Training delivery will include lesson plans, development of CBT lessons (if required), development of PTT scenarios and scripts (if required), full course delivery (inclusive of pilot courses) and internal validation. All Instructors will be SQEP and NVQ Level 3 minimum as per JSP 882 Part 1.