The Future of Tactical Power Solutions

The Future of Tactical Power Solutions

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Recognising electric power provision as a critical capability in the modern military and security environment, Marshall and INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) have committed to a joint development effort for flexible and scalable energy solutions, ranging from stand-alone products to comprehensive microgrid applications and customised solutions.

Marshall and IDE are dedicated to delivering cost-effective, efficient, resilient and environmentally sustainable solutions that address the challenges of current and future operations.

This combined approach provides power, system integration and support to enhance performance and operational capability across the future Defence and Security spectrum using innovative solutions and reducing the climatic impact in line with Net-zero 2050.

Life Cycle Cost reduction up to 70%

Hybrid Electric Power Systems HEPS® provide embedded redundancy and 6 times longer maintenance intervals compared to conventional generators

Marshall and IDE are industry-leaders in their field with proven track record

Up to 50% less emissions

Industry-leading expertise in deployable infrastructure, land platforms integrated systems and capability sustainment through Managed Support Services.

Deployable infrastructure
For more than 70 years Marshall has supplied proven deployable systems and infrastructure for customers facing challenging scenarios. Our systems are manufactured to be transported wherever they are needed worldwide. Designed to house C4ISTAR, medical, forensic analysis facilities or any other complex capability required to a deployed environment, the systems can be single, expandable or multiple units linked together depending on the requirement.

We have the expertise to integrate highly specialised equipment into these systems and have the right people to support you wherever you are.

Platform and Vehicle integration
Our team adds the essential finishing modifications to military and commercial vehicles ensuring they are fit-for-purpose. We have provided solutions for logistics, ambulance, towing, lifting and crew accommodation. We have successfully delivered over 80,000 vehicles bodies and 9,000 DROPS flat racks.

Our engineering activities are underpinned by our attention to details and project management delivering to specification on time and to budget.

Managed Support Services
Our managed support services aim to optimise availability and reduce through-life support costs. We provide in-depth systems engineering support, comprehensive through life capability management and agile operational support.

We have in-house capabilities for the development and delivery of Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT). The approach to training is based on collaborative working with the designated Training Steering Group (TSG) in which all stakeholders are engaged throughout the project, ensuring a fully endorsed training product that meets the requirement of all users.

Through the innovative Hybrid Electric Power Systems HEPS® product family, IDE addresses the shortcomings of conventional power generation systems for vehicles, mobile power and deployable infrastructure, offering superior performance, fuel savings, tactical operation advantages and low life-cycle costs, while facilitating resilient smart microgrids and distributed power generation architectures.

Tactical Hybrid Generators
Mobile Hybrid Power integrating conventional (e.g. diesel generator), renewable energy sources and Grid input, with advanced energy storage systems, under the supervision of smart Power Management Systems. Designed for operations where deployability, low fuel consumption, reduced maintenance needs, long unattended intervals and controlled aural and thermal trace are the key requirements.

Hybridisation Systems
Military-grade Energy Storage Systems that can be combined with existing generators, the utility grid and Renewable energy Sources, incorporating an advanced Energy Storage System, intelligent Power Management System and associated interfaces, to realize a reliable, highly integrated and scalable “plug-n-play” energy hub.

The system integrates best-in-class hybrid APU and ECU design with advanced Energy Storage System (ESS), under a user-friendly central Power Management & Control Unit. Vehicle electronics and electrically operated mechanisms can be powered from the on-board ESS, enabling True Silent Watch capability, extended Autonomy, reduced technical support and future-proof upgradeability. GENAIRCON can provide power export connection, for vehicle-togrid applications.

Portable Power Hubs
Lightweight integrated systems with the capability to process, exchange and supply power from diversified sources – including conventional Generators, Energy Storage Modules, Renewable Energy Sources, Vehicles and the Utility Grid- to cover the needs of tactical units operating on covert, reconnaissance or emergency deployments.

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