C4ISR Shelters

C4ISR Shelters

Communications & Surveillance Infrastructure

C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) products are deliverable in both shelter and vehicle mounted solutions.

  • C4ISR / Command & Control
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Ground Control Station (UAV)
  • Radar
  • Air Traffic Control

The equipment for these type of shelter/vehicle platform installations typically include the following:

  • Electrical / Electronic equipment installation
  • Surveillance equipment installation and integration of customer equipment
  • Specialist antennas and mast integration
  • Vehicle power distribution and management
  • Ruggedised COTs (protected with anti-vibration mounting)
  • Communication systems with VHF and HF radios
  • Integration of Command & Control systems
  • Internal workspace integration to provide a comfortable arrangement and an ergonomic working layout compliant with both Def Stan and Mil Stan
  • Environmental Control systems to provide a appropriate working environment while deployed in the extreme temperatures
  • Internal lighting to meet the different requirements from blackout conditions to avoidance of glare on the display screens