Explosive Ordnance Disposal Vehicles

We have a long history of modifying vehicles to provide an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) capability; needed to meet very specific requirements to align with the deployment of national homeland security forces. Such solutions will incorporate national sovereign and bespoke equipment. The designs meet the generic requirement of EOD duties in high threat environments in support of security forces whether military or civilian personnel. We are well versed in the fundamental vehicle selection to meet specific drive configuration needs including travelling on any road surface as well as good off-road performance.

Our designs to incorporate the installation of protection against ballistic (kinetic) and blast threat and solutions to reduce secondary hazards to the crew from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The protection solution will address both the crew cabin (cockpit ) and the working area in the shelter. The internal shelter design is optimised to minimise secondary explosions and fire from fuel, ammunition and explosives. The design will meet the detailed relevant STANAG levels.

The top right-hand figure illustrates two examples of EOD vehicles provided to the Irish Ministry of Defence using a MAN HX60 vehicle chassis, with a shelter module mounted to the vehicle.